China Enterprise Consulting | About China Enterprise Consulting
china enterprise consulting helps overseas companies to set up and do business in china
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ESTABLISHED IN Shanghai in 2006 by Jeff Juran, an American from Portland, Oregon, China Enterprise Consulting (CEC) has been assisting US and European companies to successfully conduct business in China for more than 10 years.


CEC provides the following value-added services:

  • MANAGING the development of new products from the design stage, through prototyping, into volume production

  • IDENTIFYING and conducting due diligence on new suppliers and other potential partners in China

  • FACILITATING the daily communications via telephone, email, and onsite factory visits between current Chinese suppliers and our customers

  • MONITORING on site the production process to ensure the quality of finished product prior to shipment

  • NEGOTIATING purchase agreements, non-competes/non-disclosures, and other types of cooperative agreements with Chinese manufacturers, partners and service providers on behalf of our clients

For those customers with an interest in establishing their own proprietary subsidiaries in China, CEC has been assisting customers for over 10 years with setting up operations in China, including wholly foreign-owned factories and sales offices.