China Enterprise Consulting | Commercial-refrigeration manufacturing: a China case study
china enterprise consulting helps overseas companies to set up and do business in china
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CEC HAS MANAGED the development and production of commercial refrigerators on behalf of multiple customers for the US market since 2007.


Services we provide to our customers in the field of commercial refrigeration include:

  • MANAGEMENT of the development of new refrigeration products, including compressor-based display coolers and TE (thermo-electric) units.

  • HANDS-ON building of prototypes for new commercial refrigeration products, starting from initial conceptual drawings, into the prototype stage using CNCed parts, and finally building pre-production prototypes with tooled parts.

  • OVERSEEING volume production and quality control for our customers’ refrigeration products manufactured on an OEM basis in China.

  • MANAGING all daily communications via telephone, email, and face-to-face during frequent visits to all the China suppliers of our client.

  • ONGOING maintenance of relationships with current suppliers.

  • IDENTIFYING and vetting potential new suppliers.

  • OVERSEEING the management of spare parts purchasing for customer refrigeration products.

  • NEGOTIATING purchase agreements, cooperative agreements, non-competes, etc. with Chinese suppliers (in both English and Chinese languages) to facilitate our customers’ long-term cooperation with their OEM suppliers.